Lindsay Lohan Appears on the Cover of Italian Vanity Fair

Last month paparazzi staking out Lindsay Lohan’s Venice, California home while the 25 year old actress was still under house arrest were puzzled when a temporary bamboo privacy screen was put up on the roof deck. As it turns out the screen was erected not by Lohan, but rather another group of photographers from Italian Vanity Fair who wanted to keep their work protected. The July issue of the magazine which hit newsstands today features Lohan on the cover as well as an interview with the actress complete with a bevy of sultry and sensual pictures.

The fact that Lohan was still able to work and generate an income (it has come to light that she also filmed a commercial for which will air in New Zealand) while still technically under arrest has many in the fashion and celeb watching worlds crying foul. However they may want to read the interview that the starlet gave to Vanity Fair after her photo shoot with Alan Gelati before the draw any conclusions. Lohan apparently told the mag that she regrets a lot more then just getting caught and is looking to reclaim her former star status saying “In October, I’ll begin work… I hope to spend next year on set.”

Whether or not Lindsay has actually learned anything from her ordeal will be seen in the coming months, and it is up to her keep a low profile and weather the inevitable storm of paparazzi who must be praying right now for her to make a mistake. The interview is also serving as Lindsay’s first chance to try and explain her actions (outside of a courtroom that is) and features her reflections on what it was like spending time in jail. Whatever the outcome of the next few month, after viewing the photos it is hard to argue that the actress has lost her seductive and naughty style.

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