Friends With Benefits Hosts One Hot Red Carpet

The summer’s most hyped romantic comedy, Friends With Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, hits theaters this Friday and on Monday night the stars hit the red carpet outside of the Ziegfeld Theater for the film’s New York City premier. For the past month it has been hard not to notice the promos for Friends With Benefits and equally hard to ignore the rumors going around that the on screen chemistry between Justin and Mila might be more then acting, so perhaps it was fitting that the weather was every bit as hot as the gossip about the film’s stars.

Kunis beat the heat in a red hot fitted Lanvin dress with a very hip take on the old off-the-shoulder look, while Timberlake raised a few pulses and voices with his arrival in a chic summer suit sans tie. The supporting cast wasn’t quiet as ready for the flashbulbs with Melissa George showing up in a white silk dress that bore a startling resemblance to a nightie and did little to help the fact that she looked like she just rolled out of bed, and then their was pro snow boarder Shaun White whose jacket and jean ensemble was not enough to draw attention away from his mistake of a mustache. Fortunately co-star Emma Stone was there to save the day in a colorful Giambattista Valli peplum frock and Christian Louboutin heels, and even Michael Bolton showed a flash of style with a summery skull-print scarf.

After the screening it was off to the Standard downtown for an after party to remember where the cast dinned on seared steak, gourmet cheese burgers, pesto penne and an assortment of cakes. The guest list included Hollywood A-listers, musicians and models a-plenty including Rose Byrne, Olivia Palermo, Liv Tyler, Christian Siriano, Courtney Love, Zoe Kravitz and Penn Badgley.

So with opening weekend a mere two days away it won’t be long before everyone gets a peek at that chemistry the Hollywood insiders have been buzzing about, and if Friends With Benefits doesn’t do enough to fill your need for Mila and Justin then check out the August issue of Elle where the two stars share the cover and a very under the covers photo shoot.

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