Is Lazy the New Trend?

Apparently, it is perfectly O.K. to wear your pajamas in public. In fact, it is in style. The perfect example of this new trend was spotted just the other night at the film premier of “One Day,” the new Anne Hathaway movie. The now infamous P.J. wearer was none other than designer Rachael Roy. Her inspiration for the pajama set with her beloved Manolo heels and clutch came from Celine’s most recent Resort line. Rachael did not specifically say where her inspiration came from for the look, but it is unmistakable; Rachael’s outfit is a spitting image of one of Celine’s looks. Rachael gave a small explanation of her look saying, “It was hard for me to find something to go with these shoes where I didn’t feel too dressed up and too done.” Alluding to the fact that comfort must be important to her, as it is to most women. Also, it is much more practical than wearing a tight, tiny, cocktail dress to sit for almost two hours.

It is not too hard to imagine how we have come to this point in fashion. Wearing pajamas on a red carpet was bound to happen with trends for casual, comfort wear at such a high premium. First, everyone tried the boho look, for some it stuck for others they preferred a more fitted look (possibly just to stop any unwanted rumors about baby bumps and such things). Then came the leggings. Leggings have been a huge hit. Possibly stemming from the discomfort of the too tight skinny jean, leggings began their reign.

Not only leggings, but all lounge wear has become a huge fixation in fashion. Almost every collection contains, and almost every celebrity sports, an over sized sweater, oversized button-up, and now oversized trousers. In Celine’s 2012 Resort Collection her classic three piece suit was actually an oversized, floral-cut set. She is still using the basic black and whites, but you will not miss the floral patterns she has introduced, and not to mention the men’s-cut look (simply the fashion term for oversized women’s clothes).

I am not so sure that this trend is meant to extend to your cartoon pajamas. So for now, if you decide to take on this new trend, I suggest sticking to the designer duds and leaving SpongeBob and the Looney Tunes to the TV loungers. In conclusion, no laziness here, just trendy fashionistas at play.


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