So They Look Good, & They Are Good-Hearted Too

For almost two decades now fashion has been lending a hand in the fight against breast cancer, and this year’s Fall Fashion Week will be no different. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has been promoting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer since 1994 when fellow American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, initiated the cause in hopes to prevent further lose of good friends and good people. The cause has done very well over the years, generating over $50 million in charitable donations and funds.

The FTBC, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, has come back into the spotlight because Nine West has created a program called, Runway Relief. The Runway Relief Program will assist in raising funds and awareness for FTBC. With the collaboration of the funds we find Nigel Barker, famous fashion photographer, and some fresh-faced models aiding the campaign. Of course, Nigel Barker is the eye behind the camera for the new ads, and the special edition featured in the shoot is the Runway Relief boots. Models featured in the upcoming Fall Fashion Week will be wearing the Relief boots to track their steps, and for every mile walked, one dollar will go to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Their steps will be tracked with a pedometer which is equipped in every boot. Relief boots are also adorned with the FTBC logo, originally designed by Ralph Lauren. The logo consists of radiating circles in shades of blue (think Target), which are located on the top front of the boot. As this is the second year the Relief boots will be worn, this could possibly lead into several more fashion weeks supporting the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer cause.

This could be the first cause to promote “walking” for a cause that does not entail a mass of people joining to, literally, walk together. The Runway Relief boot is available to purchase on Nine West’s website as well as in-store, or if you prefer from Nordstrom’s. If you want to support the cause, but may not have $199 for the boots, you could also purchase the tank, at $25, or the messenger bag, at $59, both of which are only available from Nine West. All purchases will donate proceeds to the Runway Relief for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer cause. Even if you don’t want to purchase any merchandise, you can sponsor a model or make donations at Keep walking and fight with fashion!

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