Doctor’s Orders for Beckham

High heels have always been a huge fashion staple, and a known obsession among fashionistas. It has been reported that one of the world’s biggest fashionistas will have to hold off on that inclination, at least for the time being. Victoria Beckham, known for; being wife to world famous athlete David Beckham, being a fashion designer and trendsetter, a celebrity mom, and a former Spice Girl. Victoria Beckham is a Jack(ie) of all trades, but for a few months she may have to give up one of her trades, for good reason of course. Victoria has been told by her doctor to stay out of the heels and try to walk flat on her own two feet.  As most women pine the night they must slip on and zip up in a pair of stilettos, Victoria Beckham is much different. Wearing high heels is practically a trademark for this British mom, who in fact wore heels throughout all four of her pregnancies. The search for new shoes is due to a problem in her back. The issue was realized after she gave birth to her first daughter, and fourth child, in July that Victoria has a slipped disc in her back. As the condition could possibly cause serious problems down the line, she has been advised to stay off the high heels and has even been banned from wearing the high shoes at Fashion Week!

Sources close to the Beckham’s have released statements saying, “”Victoria’s not had an easy past few weeks. But she’s a trooper and after getting the all-clear to attend Fashion Week – provided her back doesn’t significantly deteriorate – she has been advised to avoid heels. Although her heel-wearing wasn’t the cause of her back problems, stilettos don’t help her condition. Victoria has been frantically surfing the web for an acceptable pair of flats, ones which don’t make her look like a golf club. She’s not relishing the prospect of not wearing heels but at the moment her main priority is looking after Harper and getting herself fixed.”

Victoria even stated, “I beyond hate ballerina flats – I can’t even walk in them.” Now, that is a first! A woman that can’t walk in flats!

It is clear that Victoria Beckham despises shoes without a high heel, but with the arrival of her fourth child her mind and body will be kept plenty busy.


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