Selena Gomez…The Envy Of Every Girl

Up and coming Disney Channel star Selena Gomez has just about everything a young girl could ever want; she’s got Justin Beiber on her arm, a hit TV show, and a singing career. Girls, watch out! This child star is moving up and, in proper from, Selena will be releasing a clothing line.  Selena’s clothing will be sold at K-Mart stores nationwide. Surprise, surprise, Ms. Gomez’s collection is a low-priced line. Selena is producing a low-priced line because, as she told reporters, she remembers what it was like trying to buy affordable casual clothes for school. Selena may believe she is making it easier on the kids, but I think the parents are going to be the ones thanking her with the most expensive piece staying under $25!

The clothing line is titled, Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez. It first hit the racks of K-Mart about a month ago (in July 2011) and is getting so much hype as back-to-school is practically at our toes. Selena went on to say about Dream Out Loud, “We actually wanted to make the fall line kind of preppy in just the sense of going back to school. So, we do have a lot of plaids. [For instance,] There is a cute plaid skirt and there are a lot of boots that we have, and then sweaters and layering pieces that are really sweet.” Selena also gave Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) the inside scoop on the line saying, “[It’s] the whole Texan cowgirl meets the glam Boho chic of Hollywood. Since the announcement, we added a lot of accessories. I love scarves, and long necklaces and cute bangles. It’s constantly changing, which is cool. It will change with me.”

Selena also voiced her hopes of creating a luxury line some day, as major style icon Sarah Jessica Parker is an inspiration to Selena. Ms. Gomez’s adorable personality and drive have brought her this far, I am sure we will see more of Selena’s fashions in the upcoming seasons.


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