MTV Video Music Awards Had a Few Surprises in Store…

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards brought on its share of show-stopping looks. The night began on the black carpet. Yes, MTV has changed it up again. They did the traditional thing with the red carpet, then moved on to the less traditional with a white carpet, and this year they may have hit it on the nose with the elusive and complementing black carpet.

As many awards were won last night (Sunday, August 28, 2011) including, Katy Perry, Niki Minaj, Tyler The Creator, and Brittany Spears, there are a few more awards remaining to be given.  Most outrageously dressed would go to Niki Minaj. As many suspected Lady Gaga to hold that throne once again, the Mother Monster unpredictably appeared to be the ‘Father’ Monster of the night. Yes, Lady Gaga dressed in drag – the whole night – and had no costume changes. Niki Minaj’s outrageous outfit consisted mostly of toys. She carried a bag that was merely a stuffed animal trailing her every step down the black carpet, not to mention her stuffed animal-covered shoes. The rest of her outfit appeared to be a geometric ‘robot’ dress with a tutu underneath. Niki also trotted a blonde, pink, and yellow hairpiece along with the unforgettable face-mask adorned in almost all of the colors in her outfit; possibly harajuku inspired. Runner-up in crazy clothes for the night goes to, Katy Perry. Katy began the night in an adorable, pastel colored, cut-out mini dress with matching parasol and Jimmy Choo’s. In good fashion, Katy had an outfit change mid-way through the show, changing into the second geometric look for the night. Katy kept with the pastels but switched to a two-piece outfit instead. The winning singer capped off the look with a yellow cube atop her head, and thankfully on her walk up to the stage to receive her award for video of the year, Katy kept her balance and her outfit in place.

The cutest couple goes to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. As the Disney star co-hosted the pre-show, she was granted the opportunity to interview her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The moment was adorable, and ended with a sweet kiss on the cheek. Not to mention, Selena looked positively beautiful in the glam-Goth, high-low Julien Mc Donald gown. And no worries, since Justin was sans Selena for the pre-show, he brought his pet snake as his date down the carpet.

Last, but not least, the most surprising moment of the night goes to…Beyonce! The fierce diva performed her new song, “Love On Top,” early into the award show. Beyonce and her dancers walked onto the stage through a blinding light, all classically dressed in stilettos, black trousers, white button-ups, and sequin blazers. Unbeknownst to its literal meaning, Beyonce started her performance off with, “Tonight I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me!” The surprise was unveiled at the end of her song. The singing diva came forward, threw down her microphone, unbuttoned her blazer, and there it was…Beyonce is pregnant!! This exciting news is now making its way through the Hollywood gossip trails and all we have to say is, Congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z! However not to be upstaged, Bruno mars gave a great performance of Valerie in honor of Amy Winehouse.


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