Kendall Jenner on Set with Sherri

With all the Kardashian buzz floating around and the constant terror that all words beginning with a ‘C’ will now start with a ‘K,’ we mustn’t forget the other half of the Krew, the Jenner’s. Kris Jenner’s second youngest daughter Kendall Jenner has recently entered into her modeling career, which is documented on the E! Television show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.’ Kendall has most recently modeled for prom dress designer Sherri Hill. Sherri Hill is known for being one of the priciest prom dress designers on the market, and it comes as no surprise that Sherri Hill would want a model whose name was made before she was even born.

As Kendall is involved in social media, like her sisters, she has already begun posting photos of her shoot with Sherri Hill on her web page, which of course has been re-posted, re-tweeted, and re-blogged, mainly by her sisters. None-the-less, Kendall is receiving good publicity. On her website,, Kendall told all of her fans, “Hi guys! I had the most amazing photo shoot this weekend for Sherri Hill. We shot over two days and I got to wear the most gorgeous prom dresses and work with a really great team!” She continued saying, “I have a ton of pics from my Sherri Hill shoot this weekend so I’ll be posting them all this week!…Kylie joined me on set and we wore the most AMAZING dresses. I was obsessed with every single one!!!”

Kendall seems to really be enjoying her new aspirations. She has many more links on her page with other photo shoots she has done, along with shoots where Kendall is accompanied by her sisters; Kylie, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney.

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