Gisele is Esprit

As fashion week is practically on our heels, it is somewhat of a shocker to hear the news about where the newly-crowned highest paid model is showing her face; in a non-high fashion ad campaign. Yes, one half of the highest paid couple (other half Tom Brady) and the highest paid fashion model, Gisele Bundchen is the face of yet another campaign. Gisele has just been released as the new model and spokesperson for Esprit’s Fall/Winter 2011/2012 campaign. Esprit is reportedly in the process of re-vamping their brand. Esprit’s North American, continental president, John Gunn released a statement about combining Esprits ‘separate’ brands to “create an easier shopping experience [for the customer],” but his main point is put as, “Our target consumer is now a woman who is forever 30.”

Thus, making Gisele the perfect fit at age 31 and looking so essentially the “natural Californian spirit of the Esprit brand,” said head of retail for Esprit in Australia, Sophia Hwang-Judiesch. This is the first of many photo shoots where Gisele will embody the new Esprit image and brand. The ten-page spread is very intriguing as we see Gisele posing in what appears to be stunning, yet effortless, casual pieces. The jackets will be a big hit, as only three varieties of the fashionable outerwear is revealed over all ten jacket adorned looks in the new ads. Of these seemingly elite pieces, we see a bomber jacket, a trench coat, and a shearling jacket.

Is Esprit and their new ads implying that all we need this winter is three jackets to ruff the cold? If that is the case, just make sure you have a fur-lined coat, a leather jacket, and a good old fashioned wool coat in your closets! If not, make your way to the shops and stock up before the harsh winter hits.

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