The Kardashian Kollection Has Launched

The Kollection is here! That’s right, not only does Kris have a Kollection with a K, but the three K girls have one as well. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe released their Kardashian Kollection yesterday, Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 in Sears department stores, just in time to miss the Labor Day sales and just in time for last minute back-to-school, or back-to-fall shopping. The Kardashian Kollection is available at 700 Sears stores nationwide. The Kollection is expected to do very well as Sears execs view the sisters as a great example of celebrities that have a multi-cultural fan base. In turn, this will open the customer range drastically, compared to other celebrity fashion lines, allowing for an amazing turn-out and turn of profits.

“The [Kardashian] girls appeal to a multicultural base and they have a wide profile.…It’s about the style they have. They really have a multicultural following. People follow them on Twitter, Facebook and their show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians,’ and Kim’s wedding. We’re looking at getting a new customer into the Sears stores that we’ve never had before. It’s aimed at the 25-plus [age] range but it’s more about an attitude — it can go higher than 25 or lower,” said John Goodman, the exec who is most pleased by this joint adventure.

John Goodman’s title is executive vice president of apparel and home accessories for Sears Holdings was even quoted saying this project is “very important” for both parties, but especially for the Sears department stores, nationwide. “We feel this will change the look of Sears in a very positive way. Sears is known more for its hard line business but we are becoming a player in apparel again,” said Goodman. “We’ve been trying to bring in different national brands and exclusive brands as well as celebrity brands. Over the past year, we’ve opened our San Francisco office and began reinventing Sears apparel, which has been a very big task.”

The line will have its own shop-in-shop at about 400 of the Sears stores selling the apparel and accessories. This will give the line and the customers a feeling of luxury, as the shop-in-shop is mainly done in department store like Bloomingdale’s and Saks to feature specific designers and not to confuse their collection with another. The remaining 300 stores will simply “showcase elements of the collection.”

Prices will start at $14 for jewelry and undies, and ranging up to about a $100 for dresses. However, not to forget the collection is that, a whole collection. In between the $14 to $100 range falls items such as, shoes, tops, handbags, sunglasses, and most publicized: the lingerie.

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