Rihanna Embodies Empirio Armani

Pop singer Rihanna is only 23 years old and has already “Shot a Man Down” and has become the “Only Girl In The World.” Now Rihanna will be working her swagger wearing only Armani intimates. It is official; Rihanna is the new face of Empirio Armani’s underwear campaign. The ads were released today, and without fail, Rihanna has done her job. Also strutting her fit, on-tour concert bod, Rihanna will be representing Armani jeans in addition to the intimates’ campaign. With former Armani campaign models including Victoria and David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and most recent Megan Fox, Rihanna has some shoes to fill (or briefs); however, she is doing a great job.

As Rihanna has built quite an empire for herself (with some help from friendly producers and other hip-hop stars) she is known, amongst many things, for wearing all sorts of different wigs. Most of the time Rhianna’s outfits are inspired by, or at the very least, centered around her wig – if the wig isn’t there the outfit isn’t ready. So, what kind of wig goes best with Empirio Armani lingerie? Well, the answer actually seems rather practical; a minimalist look needs a minimalist wig. The ad features Rihanna adorned in a platinum blonde wig in a bob cut. How simple and elegant. The ad is set in a black Lincoln Continental with a mood of sultry, sleek, and sexy, not to mention a black and white scheme creating a film noir feel.

The Armani jeans ad is yet to be released, but if the team behind the Empirio Armani underwear campaign is at all behind it, I would foresee no issues or problems. Most likely, the denim ads will be just another sexy and classic spread with the sultry pop singer. Armani has done an excellent job replacing Megan Fox with Rihanna. As Rhianna’s predecessor, Megan Fox is seemingly headed down the drain with no more Transformers franchises in her future due to her uncontrolled mouth, Rhianna’s mouth and words have only made her more successful. The ad is currently available to view at

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