Missoni Madness

As fashion week takes over and designer collaborations are at every doorstep, the fashion world is witnessing a possible apocalyptic sign- as if the hurricanes and tsunamis weren’t enough. Walking into Target today will make you think you are still full from Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday has come two months too early. The Missoni for Target collaboration has hit an ultimate high for the retail chain. Target is practically sold out of all Missoni for Target merchandise and it has only been available for a little over 24 hours.

The stores were swarmed with price conscious fashion fans. The merchandise Missoni for Target offered came in a variety of forms, which could have contributed to the massive amount of shoppers. The clothing and accessories such as shoes and boots are the obvious choice and had planned to be sold out, but the house ware, bicycles, and other odds and ends were not expected to cause such the fuss they seem to be stirring up.

In addition to the store being flooded by Missoni maniacs, Target’s website has crashed. The site was brought back up earlier today however, it is reportedly down again. As curious as I am, I checked and as of just before noon, Eastern Standard Time, seems to be fully functioning. If you plan on making a purchase from Target for your reasonably priced Missoni gear, I would recommend doing so as soon as possible, as the item you have your eye on may already be on its way to some else’s home. Good luck !

Even celebrities couldn’t get their minds off the Missoni collaboration. Jessica Alba tweeted about Missoni for Target saying, “dreamt about the Missoni 4 Target bike last night.” Fellow Jessica, Jessica Simpson, retweeted to Jessica Alba’s tweet, “So cute!” Maybe we’ll see the two Jessica’s on matching Missoni bikes!

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