Tory Burch Makes Big Steps

As the eighth day of New York Fashion Week is already here, there has been a lot going on in the Big Apple. Up and coming designer, Tory Burch, has proved herself to be a now and here designer as Tory featured her very first runway show on Tuesday, (Day 6 of New York Fashion Week).  Her line has been critiqued by fashion fans and fashion magazine editors alike, and there have been no bad remarks. So, the wait has been worth it. On top of Tory’s feat to display her work on the runway, she also opened her flag ship in New York City on the same day! But no worries, Tory didn’t pack her schedule too tight; the runway show occurred in the morning while her store didn’t open its doors until the evening time.

The runway show was a great opportunity for Tory, she has made hundreds of presentations of her line, but this tops them. Tory explains, “[The runway] is a great way to tell the full story, and have it exactly how you want it…Presentations aren’t always as easy…It was scary. It was a tremendous amount of work, but it was really fun to do, and I was so excited at the end.” Gleefully proud, Tory wasn’t the only one; everybody really seemed to enjoy her show with its interesting theme. Tory Burch went twenties, twenties Deauville. Looks included dropped-waists, flowy tops, a-line dresses, and some wild prints.  . “Our price point is difficult, because we’re not a designer price point, so we want to try evening, but it’s something that we tread lightly,” Burch commenting on the new line. The nuance to this collection is the amount of evening dresses. As Tory already noted, this could prove some difficulty for the designer to stay within her known price range, she will only be offering the evening gowns in her new flagship, for the time being. Making a full circle; the new flagship store is located at 767 Madison Avenue, and it is actually a home. Tory said, “When we first saw the space, it was white and very open, and Daniel Romualdez, our architect, and I thought it would be interesting to do a restoration of what it might have looked like in the 1880s when it was built, and a little inspiration of my apartment, as well…It’s sort of the idea, which we’ve always done, to bring more a residential feel to retail.”

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