London Fashion Week Gets Regal

As unfortunate as it is that New York Fashion Week has come to an end there is no use shedding any tears. The metaphorical fashion torch has been tossed across the pond and Fashion Week is in full effect in London! Let’s just hope Lindsay Lohan doesn’t toss herself across the pond as well to create more of a mess as she did during New York Fashion Week. London is far too majestic of a city to deal with Ms. Lohan sucker-punching and throwing glasses and assortments of food at London Fashion Week guests.

Speaking of Royal, none other than London’s famous fashionista, Pippa Middleton, was spotted front row at Temperley. Pippa loves Temperley; you know the designer that created the green dress for Pippa’s sister’s Royal wedding reception. And even though her sister Kate just became a Princess, succeeding the most famous in recent past not to mention, Pippa is somehow the new it girl. Maybe it’s because she has the freedom to go to whatever fashion show she wants or eats at any restaurant she wants…Pippa doesn’t have quite the same reputation to maintain as her Princess Kate, including what fashions she sports on the daily. I suppose Pippa is as close to royalty as one can get while still being at liberty to make her own decision, one hundred percent, on what she wears and does. As Pippa is our new fashion it girl, it was no surprise that almost no one noticed Rosario Dawson sitting right next to her at the Temperley show. Pippa looks so cute in her little graphic tee-dress with her little black booties on, why bother noticing anyone else?

Other London Fashion Week visitors included Kanye West and Sienna Miller. The two were spotted at Burberry’s show and seemed to be getting along splendid as photographers snapped a shot of Kanye and Sienna sharing a laugh. Also at Burberry, new spokes model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sat front row, just a few seats down from Kanye and Sienna in fact. Unfortunately, Rosie didn’t find the two too funny as she seems way more attentive to the runway, as she should be, representing the company and all.

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