Lindsay Lohan to Model for Phillip Plein

If the last few weeks, or for that matter years, have taught us anything it is that Lindsay Lohan and the fashion world don’t take too kindly to each other. From her disastrous days as creative director of Ungaro to her glass throwing antics at this year’s New York fashion week when Lindsay’s name pops up in fashion news it is usually not a positive mention, however news broke today that German label Phillip Plein is looking to buck that trend; or at least cash in on her negative reputation.

The company announced via press release that Lindsay will be modeling for their Spring 2012 collection and if their most recent ad campaign is any indicator the looks will be very skin baring and very bizarre, which come to think of it should suit Lilo just fine. “Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model” Mr. Plein was quoted as saying in the company’s press release which went on to explain “we will be able to create unique images; refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality.” So far so good, though the refined part probably only applies to the clothes. Lindsay is currently heading to Milan where she will take in the Phillip Plein runway show from the front row.

Many in the fashion world are already criticizing Phillip Plein for the blatant publicity grab, which is clearly working considering many in the fashion world didn’t know of Phillip Plein’s existence prior to the press release announcing Lindsay’s newest job. What remains to be seen is how well the actual job will work out. Lindsay has done solid modeling work in the past, but these days nothing that she is involved in is a sure thing. At this point we’re wondering if the publicity will last and if it does will it translate into sales for Phillip Plein or will they be remembered simply as “that company that hired Lilo for shock value”?


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