The Future of Fashion is Upon Us

It seems celebrities are now privileged enough to not only wear designer digs for free, but to wear clothes that have not yet been released to public or the fashion world! How lucky! It used to be that one would have to wait, like everybody else, to see a designers new looks until the runway show, especially during fashion week. As we have since learned, a few designers are breaking these rules. Pucci and Stella McCartney are our culprits thus far, as fashion week hasn’t ended yet; you never know what surprises are left in store.

Pucci’s gave as a peek at last week’s 2011 Emmy awards. Can you guess who wore the futuristic look? Here’s a hint…it got nominated as the worst-dressed. Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow was the lucky A-lister to adorn herself in never before seen Pucci attire. The dress Gwyneth wore was none other than the two-piece, midriff revealing, black lace number criticized on the red carpet by Joan Rivers and company. The same dress was spotted walking down the runway for Pucci on September 24th. In case you are not keeping up with fashion week, Pucci’s Spring 2012 runway show debuted in Milan, Italy for their portion of Fashion Week. No word yet if any of the moguls who disliked the Pucci on Gwyneth felt differently when the Pucci outfit made its way down the Milan runway.

Now, don’t go thinking Gwyneth is the luckiest star, because other celebrities have been spotted wearing futuristic duds. One of our favorite fashion icons was also pointed out as being a fortunate star. Sarah Jessica Parker attended the New York Ballet fall gala party last week, September 22nd, 2011 and what do you think she was wearing? Well, it wasn’t Pucci. SJP was beautifully laced up in Stella McCartney – yes, Spring 2012 Stella McCartney. Sarah Jessica looked beautiful in the short, one shoulder, asymmetrical, white lace dress. All I can say is, if Stella is trying to get us hyped up for Paris Fashion Week, she has done so.

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