Kanye Debuts in Paris

Kanye West is a Jack of all traits. The man is an incredible beat maker, inspirational artist, and quite the celebrity mogul. Of course, for Kanye, it’s never enough. The hip hop artist, most recently known for being the partner to Beyonce’s other half – Jay-Z – in the production and release of the hit single, Otis. Usually Kanye likes to be the main man, the front man, the man whole takes microphones away from little girls at the MTV awards…Anyway it seems Kanye didn’t mind sharing the spotlight this time as he had something of his own in the works. Kanye West has been working very hard on a fashion line, and the deadline for its preview, Paris Fashion Week. Well, the day has come and gone, and the reviews aren’t so bad for a first timer of runway.

The critics weren’t ecstatic with the collection; however a few pieces were favored. The show brought many celebrities, unfortunately no Bey and Jay, but favorites like Anna Wintour was there front and center. Photos from the show are available almost everywhere at this point, including a closer look slide show at

Many of Mr. West’s looks carried the hip hop vibe most were expecting. However, as Kanye West and Jay-Z may have taken some old inspirations for their collaboration project, Kanye didn’t do quite the same for his solo fashion line. The collection, entitled DW by Kanye West, seemed to pull inspiration from a decade more reminiscent of the 90’s than a classier time period most designers are currently pulling inspiration from, like the 20’s and 30’s. (Not that I am hating on the 90’s, by any means, but Paris Fashion Week may not have been the best platform for those ideas.) The looks included a lot of zippers, cut-outs, and deep V-necklines, but the major issue with most critics was the ill-fitting pieces and the actual wear-ability of the collection. Women’s Wear Daily said, “It had the earnest veneer of a beginner, which was sort of endearing.” While seems to be on the same page saying, “What Kanye West is trying to achieve is unprecedented… tonight’s show suggests that conquering his new medium is a work in progress.”

Like most of the critics I do agree that some pieces were pretty fantastic, some were pretty fantastic ideas, while the rest left me thinking, maybe he didn’t have enough time. Either way, Kanye did a good job and look forward to next seasons collection.

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