The Kardashian’s Take on White Sands

Just when you thought the Kardashians couldn’t get into anymore markets or possibly do more than they are already doing, they go ahead and prove us wrong. In case you forgot, the Kardashians have another half as well, the Jenner’s. Younger sisters to the Kardashian trio, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, has been making her way into modeling and after landing gigs with prom gown companies and walking in New York Fashion Week for Avril Lavigne.  Despite the controversy over models walking for New York Fashion Week under the age of 16, Kendall and Kylie are both under 16, Kylie walked for punk princess Avril Lavigne who is not a part of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), and so it didn’t become a huge issue.

Now Kendall is on to skimpier and brighter things…a swimwear photo shoot with White Sands. Of course, the Kardashian siblings and Kendall’s little sis, Kylie Jenner was all over the White Sands shoot, taking their own photos for each of their personal blog sites. Some of Kendall’s photos began to stir up some controversy, and as all of her sisters posted the photos before the campaign was launched, I am sure you have seen them. If not you can check them out at, the Kardashian homeland. Back to the issue; Kendall, mentioned about a thousand times, is only 15 years old and looking at one of the photos in a certain brown bathing suit, you may be taken aback. Most of the photos from her photo shoot are very cute and have even been described as demure. They are vintage type looks; high waist 2-pieces and bathing suits that are reminiscent of 1980’s swimwear. However, the infamous brown bathing suit has a dramatic plunging neckline, and even though it’s a tankini (a 2-piece suit covering the midriff), it seemed a little bit risqué for a 15 year old to be flaunting. White Sands is known for being a glamour swim suit company as well as making those Brazilian bikinis, but I still think certain swimsuit could have been left for an 18 year old model to wear, especially in light of the issue age has been causing in fashion these days.

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