Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce

Is it true? Beyonce has been wearing a fake baby bump?! Beyonce, we can’t get enough! It may be possible that your fans are in more anticipation than even you for your child to show his or her face to the world. Clearly Beyonce and her baby bump are everywhere right now, there could be another hurricane, and Beyonce, her baby bump, and Jay-Z would still be on people’s minds. But in Australia, on Sunday Night HD, Beyonce appeared to chat about her career, life, and obviously her and Jay’s bun in the oven. Well, when Beyonce sat down to start the interview her belly deflated! Yes, we saw it with our own eyes on high definition television; Beyonce’s baby bump is not as big as she has been letting onto. Her publicist has assured the nation that Beyonce is most definitely pregnant, despite the technical difficulties witnessed by millions. Her publicist actually referred to the rumors as “stupid, ridiculous, and false!” I might have to agree with her as these rumors are ranging from Beyonce wearing a prosthetic belly to appear larger to rumors of surrogacy – someone else is bearing her child and she doesn’t want America to know she is infertile. However, this is very unlikely considering the photos of Bey and Jay on a beach where Beyonce is sporting a bikini with a most definite pregnant belly. It seems the rumors have also come to the possible conclusion of blaming the ambiguous mishap on the material of her dress. It doesn’t sound like this issue is going to go too far until Beyonce releases another bare belly photo disproving them, maybe a magazine cover? Speaking of, Beyonce is now on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. In the cover shoot she is wearing a pretty little black bathing suit, and the other a little gold dress. Harper’s does confirm Beyonce does indeed have a baby bump, and she will be collaborating with her mother to create a maternity line for House of Dereon (Beyonce’s mom’s clothing line). What are your thoughts on this bump or no bump issue?

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