Macy*s Next Collaboration Is…

As the world is now coping without fashion week, fashionistas out there in cyber space need something to spice up their life, and I have found it. Well, it’s no big secret but like Target, Macy*s has had their foot in the high-end designer collaboration door as well. Macy*s last run at it was with Karl Lagerfeld and did quite exceptional. The new collaborator is…Giambattista Valli. This Italian designer has earned critical acclaim in Europe, especially in Paris where he shows his runway collections. However, Valli’s style is very much so what American’s find trendy and fashionable. Giambattista Valli’s designs are always fun, flirty, and above all fashionable. For example, Giambattista is well known for pleasing his client Victoria Beckham, Mrs. Fashionista herself – rather impressive if you ask me.

In a release about the collection Valli was quoted saying, “This capsule reflects my enduring loves, but is really a celebration of my biggest inspiration of all ‐ the energy and vitality of women themselves. I love dressing them for all their happiest moments, making them feel as special as possible. This collection is a passport into my world and a chance to experience the passion and romance of my house and Paris itself.”

The Giambattista Valli-Macy*s collaboration will be available online at the end of this month, scheduled for October 26th, 2011. The collection will also be available in stores, but only in a selected 250 locations. Each of those 250 stores plan to begin their Giambattista Valli for Macy*s sales at the end of this month as well.

While it seems everyone is comparing Giambattista Valli’s collection to Karl Lagerfeld’s collection, let’s follow the trend; Valli’s collection will consist of only seventeen pieces where Lagerfeld’s totaled at forty-five pieces. Among the forty-five pieces Karl Lagerfeld released with Macy*s were quite a few professional outfits and pieces, like your little black dress that is conservative enough for work and a blazer or two. Well, Giambattista Valli will offer mostly fun, flirty, cocktail dresses, but get ready for his pant suit set. Valli’s matching blazer and trouser pants are fully adorned in leopard print! Leopard print is huge right now and it is most definitely visible in this seventeen-piece collection. Beside the animal print, you will notice a lot of rosy pinks and ruffles…take a look for yourself at

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