Andrew Charles Has Launched At Macy*s

Remember a few months back when we reported that Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, is merging into fashion with his collaborative collection Andrew Charles. The collaboration is with Andy Hilfiger will be exclusively sold at Macy*s. The fashions are based on Tyler’s wacky, eclectic style. Steven Tyler was even quoted describing his collection as, “That freak style I wear on stage you can buy now at Macy’s.”

If you want to refresh yourself on the original article click here.

The release of the line was this past weekend, Friday, October 14th, 2011. Macy*s celebrated the launch in their Herald Square, New York City location with Steven Tyler. Tyler was adorned in a few pieces from the collection, along with his two daughters, Mia and Chelsea. The three parts of the Tyler family put themselves up for display in Macy*s New York City window as a living, breathing, posing advertisement. Steven’s younger daughter, Chelsea is also featured in the ads for Andrew Charles.

Steven Tyler told Fashionista (a fashion website/blog), “I’m androgynous… I’ve just got more female energy. I like that flowing and nurturing and I’m a songwriter, so I’m into form and fashion and how it all goes together. Always have been, so it’s just perfect.” In the spirit of his daughters’ participation, Steven continued to tell a family story about “raiding” His other daughter Liv’s closet, “What happened was, I was living at Liv’s apartment for a month working on the book two Decembers ago, I went through her closet and I found this crazy shirt. Loved it, put it on, wore it for a month. And then I found out the front was supposed to be the back, but who cares! It was Liv’s shirt and it looks great.”

If it wasn’t already obvious, Tyler is a goofy and eclectic guy, but he has his own sense of style and has the opportunity to display it for his music fans and now the fashion world can enjoy his style. Stop into Macy*s if you want a funky patterned top, bottom, or even coat. And don’t worry, Steven isn’t quitting his job on American Idol, and actually, is also getting ready for a tour with Aerosmith.

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