How Anna Wintour Travels

Remember how way back in the day, like when our grandparents were young, people used to get dressed up to travel, especially on a plane flight. Well maybe you can’t remember per say, but you know you have heard stories from family and have seen older movies where people are adorned in their Sunday’s best to sit in a not-as-comfy-as you-had-hoped- airplane seat. From all the paparazzi that stakes out LAX and JFK airports, we have learned that unfortunately that trend has been long forgotten; Cameron Diaz is spotted in leggings and an oversized sweater, Jennifer Aniston in baggy jeans (probably boyfriend, Justin Theroux’s denim) and sunglasses. One celebrity however – who also loves her sunglasses – doesn’t believe in dressing down, or so we thought. Anna Wintour is always dressed like she is ready for the runway in the top fashions, and rightfully so (also pretty obvious), but on her trip from New York City to Los Angeles it has been reported that she wasn’t actually dressed to the T for the whole trip. Ms. Wintour was indeed photographed by the relentless paparazzi in New York City and Los Angeles, and appeared in the same Louis Vuitton dress, comfortably paired with her illustrious sunnies (For those of you who don’t appreciate Rachel Zoe’s “fashion language,” this means sunglasses). Now, nothing seems yet, right? Besides photographs it was reported that Anna Wintour changed her outfit while on her plane. Since we know she departed and arrived in the same look, what’s the deal with the mile-high wardrobe change? Well, instead of looking like everyone else, because clearly Anna Wintour is not everyone else, Anna got comfy once the cameras were gone. A passenger on the plane with Ms. Wintour said she left her seat in the Louis Vuitton dress and came back to her seat shortly after in J brand jeans (only high-end denim for the Vogue staff) and “a cute top.” Then again, nearing their arrival in Los Angeles, Ms. Wintour once again made a bathroom trip and this time sat back down in her Louis Vuitton dress. Once Anna and her team made it to baggage claim, the conveyer belt was stopped for Anna’s Louis Vuitton luggage to be picked up by a member of her staff. To but the icing in the cake her luggage was even the first to come out.

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