Ballet Flats Funding Breast Cancer Research

Reality shows are now becoming the most watched television shows, and the ultimate caddy and always dramatic is…Real Housewives. As some may instantly think of Basketball Wives, Real Housewives (of whichever city) came first, and most definitely has created the most drama over the longest period of time. We have met so many of the girls in Orange County, CA, are currently in the midst of losing and changing friends in New Jersey, and New York has produced a few spin-offs. However, the New York City Housewives have brought a little extra to the table. Initially, Bethany (then-cast member was no wife but just a friend) got great publicity for her drink line, Skinny Girl, which was somewhat of a good thing in creating a low-calorie collection of mostly drinks. Since then, fellow New York City Housewife, Kelly has done some great things as well. If your memory serves correct, you would recall that Bethany and Kelly did not get along; actually Kelly didn’t get along with too many woman on the show. Fortunately, she has overcome that and is now doing better things with her life than starting fights with other middle-aged woman.  Kelly is now proud to be the owner of Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Her company is producing shoes (Yay!). She will begin with her first line to debut in springtime and they will strictly be ballet flats. The flats will come in all different colors and prints. The major thing about this collection is (1) they are going to be very affordable, as Kelly puts it, “I want to make it super chic but incredibly affordable because I feel like why can’t fashion be democratic?” And (2) these shoes will benefit Breast Cancer Research! (How awesome!) A pair of shoes will run you a mere $39.99 and $3.00 from each sale will go to Breast Cancer Research. Finally, something you can afford and it helps a great cause!!

“The reason I am doing this is because I’m the mother of two girls, if I can put my name out there on something creative and help generate money to find a cure for this disease then I’m going to do it. I’ve seen the courage and I’ve seen the hope and I’ve seen amazing women persevere through such horrible situations. It’s really exciting to be able to help in any way.” Kelly says about her new venture. “This is the start of a bigger Kelly collection…This is my first huge milestone and I’m hoping to bring all this great product and be able to be as charitable as possible on the largest scale possible. That’s my goal. That’s what I want.”

What a great thing Kelly is doing. My opinion of her is changing for the better. I hope she sticks with the charity and keeps the ladies on her good-side.


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