Floral Perfumes For Holiday 2011

As the crisp fall air smells of burning leaves and chillier days to come, I can’t stop thinking about all the perfumes that are currently available and which one I want to carry the scent of. The holiday season is approaching and that also means gift time! Along with the changing weather, holiday season also means new perfumes are constantly being released, and there’s a few that have some things in common. Remember our Oh Lola post, well it is coming back. Oh Lola has been doing great in sales and apparently in design as well. If you recall from the Oh Lola article, Oh Lola “is clad in pink, with a gentle, slender form (unless you want the big size, which has more of an oval shape) a topped with a pretty glass rose.” Well it appears that that very rose has made some major impressions on people such as, Justin Bieber with Someday, Vera Wang with Lovestruck, and BCBG Max Azaria with their newest fragrance BCBG Max Azaria Eau de Parfum Spray. All of the perfume bottles listed above are adorned with roses as the topper in the design. Justin Bieber’s perfume bottle, Someday, is probably the most similar to Marc Jacobs as the flower topper incorporated shades of red into pink.  However, it was reported that Mr. Jacobs is fine and dandy with it as he believes in the saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” – So informally from Mr. Jacobs to Justin, thank you!  Continuing, Vera Wang’s rose topper is slightly more than that as her topper appears to be a bouquet, with ribbon and all. The newest of the perfumes, BCBG’s, is a more on the modern side with their rose topper. It appears to be glass like the bottle, and in peachy shades rather than pink/red. The scent is said to carry notes of strawberry and black cherry as well as some floral flavors thrown in to achieve a ‘sexy and sophisticated’ scent. I cannot personally say which will make a better holiday gift, as I have not been granted the opportunity to test each scent, but to all readers, please let us know your opinion of these perfumes. Maybe start a ranking for which is better for Homecoming and which is better for Prom?! Let me know!

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