Versace for H&M Offers a Sneak Peek of Their Odd Ad Campaign

We’re going to go ahead and assume that you have not been living in a cave for the past two months and therefore you are aware that the Versace for H&M collaboration hits the fast fashion retailer’s shelves next month. However just in case your curiosity hasn’t gotten better of you and your still in the dark as to what the collection contains, let us sum it up for you: The pieces offered at H&M will run from roughly $30 to $300 and include many of Versace’s signature sexy looks as well as a plethora of bold and busy prints that have already been described by some as “seizure-riffic”. In short it is a well rounded Versace collection that has drifted a little toward the strange side.

Now, in keeping with that trend, Versace has released a short video featuring Donatella herself discussing the collaboration’s accompanying ad campaign which is every bit as bizarre. Short teaser clips feature images of models climbing their way through the winding staircases of a clearly baroque inspired set and getting their exercise in by jogging in reverse on a gigantic golden hamster wheel (yes, you read that right). With spots like these the collaboration wont have any trouble grabbing the attention of shoppers, though at least a few pieces certainly didn’t need help standing out to begin with. However with much of the collection being aimed at Versace diehards who wouldn’t mind sporting an aqua leopard print on your average work day, it has yet to be seen how much buying the general shopping populace will do.

The Versace for H&M collection will launch on November 17th. The gold standard at the moment, and the one Versace will be compared to whether they like it or not, is the Missoni for Target collaboration that drove shoppers into a fashion induced frenzy earlier this fall. It should also be noted that Missoni’s ad campaign featured a twenty-five foot tall tweeting marionette so perhaps Versace is on to something, at the moment at least it seems when talking about high end designer/retail chain collaborations, strange sells.

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