Healthy Tips for The Winter Weather

The winter months are coming quickly and unfortunately allergies and colds are right instep. As this also means dances, parties, and events, this is your opportunity to stay healthy and hopefully prevent yourself from suffering a cold in the bitter cold. We have brought you a few articles about staying healthy and preventing possible colds, however today I want to bring a few items to your attention that you may have never heard of, let alone thought about eating.

To start, I’ve selected a familiar food. You know what potatoes are, right? Well, the wonderful veggie that brings us such unhealthy snack foods as French fries and chips actually has a particular version that isn’t so unhealthy. The purple potato is a variety of potato that has been seen to improve your blood pressure. So, forget the low-carb, no-carb diets. This purple vegetable is good for you and your blood pressure. A research study from a university in Pennsylvania showed evidence of an average of a 4% drop in blood pressure levels among participants in their study. The best way to consume… roasted.

Ever hear of a lychee? Lychee is an Asian fruit that has a plethora of antioxidants. Tests have shown that this fruit has more antioxidants than grapes as well as being in the top two for heart healthy fruits. The best way to eat would be in a fruit salad or as a puree. Another Asian fruit is the Asian pear. Slightly larger and rounder than the pears we buy in super markets, the Asian pear is packed with nutrients and fiber. The Asian pear actually has 10g of fiber; we only need about 20g to meet our daily recommendation of fiber. This wonderful fruit will in turn, keep you full, lower your cholesterol and even manage your blood sugar levels.

Our final health food you may have never heard of is Bok Choy. This green, leafy veggie is also a native of Asia. Bok Choy is in the same family as broccoli but looks more like lettuce or spinach. Like the lychee, this vegetable is packed with antioxidants. The antioxidants in Bok Choy (in large amounts) has been studied in prevention of certain cancers, like broccoli its fellow green veggie family member.  Bok Choy is also loaded with Vitamin A which helps vision and is very important for pre-teen and teens to consume as it provides important components in growth.


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