Heidi Klum Outdoes Herself for Halloween

When it comes to costume parties the fashion industry loves to go all out, and one of the most impressive costume balls every Halloween is hosted by model-turned-designer Heidi Klum. As anyone who has ever earned a reputation for throwing great gatherings can tell you, once said rep is firmly in place the biggest threat to this year’s party is the one you hosted last year. For example when your annual New York City Halloween party has become such a hit that it spawns a satellite party in Las Vegas the weekend before, as Klum’s party has, many will begin to wonder how long you can keep that level of cool going. Yet after last night’s gathering and the aforementioned Vegas pre-party party Heidi has proven that when it comes to clever costumes, and rockin’ celebrations, she still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

Klum had already given eager fans a glimpse of what her two costumes would consist of, but as with any masterpiece, once all the elements were in place the end result was far more impressive then either glimpse hinted. For the Saturday gathering in Vegas Klum was done up in full body make-up made to look like muscles, bones and sinew and when she was wheeled onto the red carpet on a gurney the image of a living corpse sans skin was complete, and completely freaky. For her more storied New York City shin-dig hosted at the Dream Downtown Hotel Klum and husband Seal donned matching his and hers monkey suits (as in suits that made them look like actual monkeys, not tuxes) that came complete with full facial prosthesis and make-up. In short if they had wandered onto the set of another Planet of the Apes remake the duo would have immediately upped the production value. The costumes also made for some funny shots such as monkey-Seal doing his best to dial his cell phone with ape hands.

The most important part of any costume party, especially an annual event like Klum’s, is the host’s costume; it sets the tone for the evening and gives guests an example of the level of masquerade that is expected of them as well. So whether she was the walking dead or just monkeying around Klum’s costumes kept up their end of the bargain and the guest list which included Fergie, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Rose and many more followed suit with some amazing costumes of their own. So let this be a lesson, when planning something as involved as a costume party, it is never too soon to start preparing and there is no over the top. It also helps if you’re a former supe with access to some of the finest designers and make-up artists in the world, if only we were all that lucky.

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