Halloween Wrap-up: What Did They Wear?

How was everybody’s Halloween? Now, maybe you didn’t dress-up or go out but why not? Hollywood has made it pretty clear that there is no age limit on dressing up for Halloween. Some of the cutest looks caught by the paparazzi are the family costumes seen last night, and over the weekend. Starting off with the classics, we spotted a super hero family, The Incredibles. Mariah Carey and husband, Nick Cannon, dressed as the Disney super hero family with their new double editions, twins Moroccan and Monroe. Another super hero that was spotted on Halloween was Melina Trump as Batgirl; however this super hero was riding solo as she was sans Robin and Batman. A fellow comic costume came from an unexpectedly solo villain, Kim Kardashian. As news has spread, Kim is going solo again in her real life as well as her costume persona, Poison Ivy – an awesome female villain from the Batman series (maybe this will inspire Christopher Nolan to bring back Poison Ivy after Catwoman takes her reign). My other favorite couple costume was Rodger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit. The sweet, real-life couple that dressed as the cartoon couple was Rachel Ray and her hubby, John Cusimano. Also spotted as the cartoon crime-buster, Glee cast member Matthew Morrison. However, Jessica Rabbit was close by; we are not sure who the mystery woman really is.

Some of the most popular costumes for Halloween 2011 were none other than pop phenomena Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj. As both costumes require a colorful wig, colorful clothes, and simply to have fun, I’d say it was a pretty good choice. One TV persona that chose to do the colorful costume is Giada De Laurentiis. She appeared on day-time television as Katy Perry and said the costume was inspired by her young daughter’s admiration for the pop-singer. However, the real Katy Perry chose to go scary as a zombie/skeleton with some really cool face make-up. Speaking of day-time television, the cast of the Today Show went all out for this year’s festivities, all dressing as a member of the royal wedding. Meredith Vieira took the cake dressed as the Queen in her canary yellow dress and matching hat. Matt Lauer was Prince William and Ann Curry dressed as the new princess, Kate.

So who were your favorites? And what did you wear??

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