Will Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Have Vera Wang Seeing Red?

To the surprise of her friends and family, and the utter lack of surprise of almost everyone else in the world, reality TV queen Kim Kardashian’s marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries has expired faster than a bag of unopened potato chips. The couple’s 10 million dollar fairytale wedding and Kim’s divorce court filing citing irreconcilable differences  were separated by a mere 72 days. Now Kim, who is under fire from the media and facing accusations that the nuptials were nothing more than a publicity stunt designed to bolster the fast growing Kardashian brand, is defending herself and apologizing to her fans. However as of the writing of this article we have not heard any news about an apology to the one woman who may stand to loose the most from Kim’s not so happy ending, Vera Wang.

Three of the dresses that Kim wore on her big day were designed by Wang specifically for the occasion. Two of those three were reinterpreted by Wang for her White by Vera Wang line which is sold exclusively through the David’s Bridal chain and these “affordable” gowns, which retail for $1,500, wont even hit the stores until February of next year. Meaning that by the time they are available for sale Kim  and Kris will (almost certainly) be officially divorced and will have been separated for longer then they were married.

Clearly Wang must have been banking on the coverage of the wedding and all the associated craziness to drive up interest and sales in her White by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal collection. A collection that we must note, had Wang taking a lot of heat from certain groups within the bridal industry who perceived her budding relationship with the prolific (and for most boutiques widely despised) chain, as a serious betrayal. Now it would seem that both the E! network and the Kardashian business empire will do everything they can to forget the wedding ever happened, and when it is brought up we somehow doubt it will be done so in a positive light.

While it will be impossible to tell how the divorce effects the sales of the collection until it, you know, actually goes on sale; it is hard to imagine irreconcilable differences being the sort of thing that boosts the sales of a wedding dress. It’s not like Vera Wang has to worry about falling on hard times, but unless there is a hidden silver lining yet to be revealed this situation will probably have both Wang and her business partners over at David’s Bridal seeing red, in more ways then one!

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