Zigzags All Around

Walking into a Target recently, you will notice the remaining soliders – a.k.a.  merchandise – from the Missoni for Target collaboration. Its been quite a few weeks, however a hand-full of Target stores still have a ballet flat, a trench coat, and a plate leftover from the biggest collaboratiion Target or Missoni has ever seen. Well, it seems Margherita Missoni has caught the bug and has another collaboration in the works as well as a low-priced charity collection. If you didn’t already know, Missoni has a line called M Missoni and it is sold in retail locations such as select department stores. As a part of this line, Missoni frontrunner, Margherita Missoni has created a charitable way to get her zigzag lineage  out to more of the public. The line breaks off from M Missoni, entitled M Missoni for OrphanAid Africa Collection. The whole collection will consist of a mere 12 pieces. However, the famous zigzags are only going to be red and pink. Ms. Missoni herself explains to Women’s Wear Daily, “The choice of colors was instinctive; it was the combination that I liked the most. Pink is symbolic, it refers to childhood, and red to Africa, and together they were aesthetically pleasing. The pattern in itself is something that is ours, that belongs to us.”

In addition to saving the world, one zig and one zag at a time, Margherita Missoni is also planning their next collaboration. This time a slightly higher price-point and to go big or go home – meaning, this collaboration has the hopes for being international. Talks, currently, are saying Macy*s will be the next store collaboration, but Margherita says, “We can’t waste too much time [in designing a new budget line]. We have a lot of options because everyone is interested, but it has to be something that touches different categories… The fact that you can put a zigzag on anything was part of the success at Target. People who wouldn’t wear a top would have a glass or a blanket.”


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