To A Good Hair Day

Hair, hair, hair; there have been musicals, movies, and shows all based around hair. For woman, this is one of the most important aspects of our person. A good hair day usually means a good day, and a bad hair day usually means a ponytail with a big headband or a bun. Well, the last thing any girl wants is to run into this problem on the day of your homecoming, prom, or any event where an elastic headband is simply inappropriate. Now, there are many different types of hair, curly, straight, think, thin, but  it almost always comes down to two things; dry hair or greasy hair. Now to state the obvious, no is perfect therefore no one has perfect hair –just a stylist and/or a ridiculous amount of money spent on hair products per calendar year. Speaking of, this time of year can be brutal for a girl with dry hair. You see, with the cold weather, dry hair usually means dry scalp which can cause some head and shoulder related issues. The daily beauty blog recently posted their best option for dry hair and scalp, rating Rene Furerer’ Karite solution as the best. The daily beauty reports, the product “utilizes the restorative power of shea butter and a blend of proprietary active ingredients… the superluxurious Intense Nourishing Oil is, in a word, indulgent. You spray the pre-shampoo treatment (don’t worry, the extra step is worth it) five to 10 minutes before you shampoo. It’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh hair down—and the scent, an aromatherapeutic blend of citrus notes, patchouli and musk, is divine. It leaves hair soft, smooth and hydrated post-shower and is powerful enough to keep working and improving the condition of your scalp long after your hair has dried.”

And now, the other side of the spectrum; greasy hair. Again, the daily beauty reported that their top pick for anti-grease and oil products is, Moroccanoil Oil No More Professional Scalp Treatment. This works like any old leave-in treatment; leave in for about ten minutes then rinse. Their report stated, “Moroccanoil Oil No More Professional Scalp Treatment leaves your hair noticeably balanced. Instead of just masking oily roots like dry shampoo or hair powder, it treats the problem at the source to reduce oil production altogether. Organic ginger oil helps to stimulate the scalp and regulate the sebum production that’s causing the unwanted shine. Additionally, purifying essential oils control the dandruff caused by excess oil.”

Well there it is, your tips for perfect hair. Found any other products that work as well or better? Let us know!


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