Vera Wang’s New Princess

As the E! Network seems to be taking over the world, obviously accompanied by the infamous relationship warriors, the Kardashians; there is one person more annoyed than almost anyone else out there. If you’re thinking yourself, your close but the answer is Vera Wang. Vera Wang is (as of now) scheduled to release a lower priced wedding gown collection which essentially mimics the three different wedding gowns Vera personally designed for K.K. Now that it has been reported that once the line is released, it would have been more days of the over publicized couple being divorced than married the gowns aren’t looking so good. Ms. Wang recently told a reporter when asked about Kim Kardashian and the situation at hand, “Oh please, stop. I’m not a marriage counselor.” Vera, you said it perfectly…

More (noteworthy) news on Vera Wang; she debuted her ever popular perfume, Princess back in 2006, Flower Princess was next, Rock Princess in 2009, then Glam Princess, Preppy Princess in 2010 and now with its ever growing popularity – especially around these holiday times – she has come up with the next scent in the franchise. The new Vera Wang perfume is called…Princess Night. This new fragrance is like its predecessor as far as the appearance goes. Princess Night is in the classic heart-shaped bottle a toped a crown and a heart-shaped tag labeling the fragrance. However, this time, as the name implies, the bottle looks like it’s ready for a nigh on the town completely covered in a deep purple hue of glitter.

The scent is rather similar to the original Princess Eau de toilette, but perhaps a little more daring as it is meant to be an evening fragrance. The ads also differ as the new ones feature a faceless couple seemingly admiring the fragrance as well as each other. The original ad for Princess featured a young actress, appearing over privileged with jewels and a crown in a very serene setting.

This new scent has been described as “an exotic-floral-woody concoction” and key notes are sweet fruit as well as their classic musk and vanilla notes.  The launch of the new Princess is set for January 11th, 2012. Princess Night will be available everywhere Vera Wang fragrances are sold.

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