Black Thursday with The Gap

Black Friday is getting closer and closer as each week comes and goes. This day is certainly a day to prepare for, as stuffing yourself more than the turkey was and then getting a few hours of sleep to only bounce up at 5am and shop your pants off. Well this year may be a little different, that is you plan to shop at any of the Gap Inc. stores. Gap and all of the retail stores associated with their corporation will open their doors on Thanksgiving Day! Yes, a store – rather, five stores as Gap Inc. consists of Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athelta, and Gap Inc. Outlet stores – will be open to shoppers on a national holiday, a day that is normally left to staying home with family and friends, watching football, making food, and any other tradition surrounding Thanksgiving Day. This year, get ready to implement some new traditions with the Gap and their other stores.

A whopping one thousand Gap stores will have doors wide open, lights on, and perky employees to help you bring in the holiday cheer with their promotional and traditional merchandise. The Gap Inc. has been taking some hard hits over the past year. The company’s lead designer left the position and are yet to place a successor, leaving the company with a lack of organization, direction, and overall are in need of an executive decider close enough to the collections and decisions at hand. On top of their misfortune, the Gap Inc. has also suffered profit loss in the past few quarters, which is never a good thing.

With high hopes, Gap Inc. is pursuing this venture to come out of one of the highest profiting days for retail and, hopefully, make enough profits from their Black Friday sales to sit comfortably with other retailers. Whether or not this endeavor will bring them back up to standards prior to their loss, it is a great marketing ploy. With that said, we wish them the best of luck as well as all the shoppers daring enough to go out on Black Friday, let alone the new Eve of Black Friday, “Black Thursday”.

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