Marc Jacobs Offers Reward for Stolen Collection

As we reported last week a number of pieces from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 collection were stolen Wednesday morning and thus far the thieves remain at large. Contrary to the original story that came out of Paris, the items were not stolen off a train but rather out of the back of a delivery truck near the Mayfair Marc Jacobs store in London. Scotland Yard issued a statement to the New York Times saying that it was currently investigating the theft of “a quantity of clothing, bags and shoes” that were taken around 8am Wednesday morning.

Fortunately for Marc Jacobs the items taken were not actually the original samples seen on the runways during New York fashion week as we had originally reported but rather a duplicate set that was scheduled to make the press rounds in Europe prior to the collection’s official launch next spring. While this definitely damages the collection’s scheduled PR campaign it at least means that any fashion mags looking for samples for their editorial pages will still be able to review Marc Jacobs Spring 2012. According to a statement released by the Marc Jacobs label the monetary value of the missing items is roughly $65,000 so it is a safe bet that Scotland Yard will not be taking this theft lightly.

On Thursday night the label went to their twitter followers offering a reward for any evidence of  “chic truck drivers cruising around Europe dressed in #SS12 Collection”. Though considering that it has been the better part of a week and there are no reports of any leads coming in from twitter it is starting to look like Marc Jacobs and the British authorities will have quiet a search ahead of them.


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