And The Workshop Is Open…

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re still cooking or in rest mode from stuffing yourself more than the turkey was you are thinking about shopping. Just admit it, we all fantasize about getting the last $100 40” flat screen TV or a pair of Diesel jeans for a mere $30, but it seems the fashion world believes the item at the top of your wish list should include items from the Lady Gaga Workshop ay Barney’s in New York. No reports have been made on whether or not Gaga’s Workshop will feature any Black Friday sale items, but either way it’s worth the trip.

Lady Gaga kicked off the opening of her workshop in a one-of-a-kind gown designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. As the parade began (literally, they had a parade with huge balloons in Lady Gaga theme) the workshop opened and the crowd poured in – including Neil Patrick Harris (of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and all three ‘Harold and Kumar’ films), Blake Lively (of ‘Gossip Girl’ and Best Dressed among fashionistas), Brad Goreski (Rachel Zoe’s former assistant), and many others. The workshop’s collections include apparel, accessories, sweets and treats, music and entertainment, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, and of course special holiday items. So there is something for everybody…and every monster. And don’t forget, all purchases will benefit Lady Gaga’s organization, the Born This Way Foundation.

Items in the workshop are not typical of what Santa’s little helpers (now preferred to be called little monsters) would make, but they sure are conversation starters. Gaga is offering a different kind of stocking to hang on the mantle this year; for holiday 2011, all little monsters and unique individuals alike have the opportunity to stuff stockings shaped like a claw, a unicorn, a stiletto, or simply Lady Gaga’s vision of a Christmas stocking. Of course you will also be able to purchase from a variety of sunglasses, all reminiscent of Lady Gaga looks including a ‘W.O.W. Sunglasses/Headband for $295. This headband/sunglasses appears to be metal and is covered in spikes. (Can you see though the spike?) Lastly, the sweets and treats really caught my eye; in
remembrance of Alexander McQueen, the workshop is selling a chocolate version of the McQueen armadillo shoe. There is also a candy finger item, available as a ring or as a pop. Surprisingly enough there is another accessory/candy item found in the workshop; clearly an homage to childhood are the rock candy earrings which Fashionista suggests nibbling on as a mid-day snack.

Check out for more info and fun at Lady Gaga’s Workshop.

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