Don’t Let The Winter Dry you Out – Part 4

Lately, news has been making reports on skin care, hair care, and general make-up news as to help a girl out in this time of skin care need. So, without further ado, welcome to part 4 of ‘Don’t Let the Winter Dry You Out.’ Complexion, hair, lips, what’s left? Well, for part 4 we are going to cover the basics. Any girl who loves makeup would agree that foundation can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and nearing the biter weather conditions, a lot of foundations turn into enemies. Just like the other products we discussed, foundations can dry out the skin. A great, affordable product to prevent a scaly appearance is one of Almay’s makeup products. Almay Wake-up Hydrating Makeup is a mineral powder makeup. The difference in this makeup is number one the mineral base; mineral base makeup is more natural than other non-mineral based and liquid make-ups which tend to clog the pores more. The other difference is the ingredient in Almay’s product. Almay Wake-up Hydrating Makeup is created with green tea and cucumber. Obviously, any ingredient that you have heard of is a plus, and any ingredient you have heard of that is also most definitely a natural product is, well, an über benefit. Almay’s Wake-up Collection is small but still growing. Their slogan is sweet and simple; ‘glowing, hydrated skin’ it pretty much says it all. Their website is very customer friendly, giving tips on application and finding the right shade, Almay also gives a quick and concise statement about the product saying, “Almay has taken mineral foundation to the next level using an innovative process that infuses encapsulated water in a luxurious loose powder. The result is instantly glowing, hydrated skin with an amazing cooling sensation.” They also use professional style brushes which are made specifically for travel. (What kind of girl does her makeup before she leaves the house now-a-days?) Almay can be found almost anywhere. Generic pharmacies, chains, and cosmetic stores carry their product as well as a number of online retailers, even

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