Anja Rubik’s Dream Wedding Dress

World renown star of runways and ad campaigns Anja Rubik confirmed this week in an interview with that she was in fact having her wedding dress custom designed by none other than the prince of Pucci himself, Peter Dundas. Dundas, a long time friend who has specifically requested Rubik on many occasions to show his latest creations for Pucci explained that he and the model would collaborate on his latest creation, a one of a kind wedding dress for Rubik’s marriage to fiancee Sasha Knezevic.

As if being the center of international add campaigns and stalking catwalks from Milan to Macau wasn’t enough it now appears as if Rubik has achieved every brides dream of ultimate uniqueness with the help of her friend Dundas. Saying that she asked Dundas to design her gown because of her love of his “Rock n’ roll chic, bohemian style” Rubik stopped short of giving away any details about the dress, which is apparently nearing completion.

Dundas meanwhile remained moot as to even the type of gown except to say that he and Rubik had the same silhouette in mind from the start. Asked what differences he sees in designing for a walk down the asile rather than the red carpet Dundas stated simply that “a wedding dress should reflect the wearer’s personality, make her the absolute best looking she can be.” Which is a about as standard an answer from someone designing a wedding gown as you can get.

Rubik, who has modeled for Hermes, Dior, Gucci and Armani to name only a few, should have no problem looking stunning in any kind of gown. She said that she asked Dundas to design her gown “based on a few of his previous looks that I loved.” Which doesn’t help to narrow the search down much considering his prolific contributions to the fashion world these past few years. However when pressed Dundas himself said that his absolute favorite wedding dress was “Bianca Jagger’s white skirt-suit – a real rock n’ roll moment”, yikes! While that may have measured above the cut in ’71 Dundas is going to be hard pressed to design anything similar that doesn’t look like a white washed version of a ‘power suit’ straight out of any modern female power brokers Wednesday wardrobe. However many designers in the past have learned the hard way never to underestimate the prince of Pucci. A dream come true or a modern art nightmare, either way the world will have to wait and see as Rubik has no intentions of revealing the dress before her big day.

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