Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 6

As we approach part 6 of’s ‘Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out’ I hope some tips have been tried. And even more so that they are working for you. However, if you still seem to need more hydration, specifically to your face, try an overnight treatment. So far in the saga of dry skin I have suggested combining products, like in part 1; combining moisturizers with oils to “amp up the hydration.” Well, for some folks, combining oil and moisturizer may not be enough – and to these folks I recommend using an overnight treatment. One of the top night creams I found in my research is by Jo Malone London. This product is called Jo Malone Orange and Geranium Night Cream. This night cream contains exactly what it claims: geranium and orange.  The orange will purify the skin, acting as somewhat of a cleanser. The geranium acts as a balancer; traditionally, this element is known to balance skin in light of acne and excess oil however, it has been discovered that the same properties do wonders on dry skin. So ladies, this is how we can overcome the winter skin battle.

Jo Malone Orange and Geranium Night Cream as well as other Jo Malone products are available through Nordstrom’s; in store and online. A big plus for these products (and any other products that are purchased through Nordstrom’s website) is their return policy. Nordstrom’s allows their online customers to make returns directly to their closest physical shop, instead of only being able to return through shipping. Therefore, this product – or any Jo Malone product listed on Nordstrom’s website – would make a perfect gift for the holidays. Think about it, shopping online is so much less of a hassle; unless you are not sure it is the perfect gift for your recipient and this is where returning to a physical store will become a huge helping hand in your gift shopping dilemmas.

Jo Malone products are rather prestigious in the skincare and fragrance world. Their website even gives you the option to chat with a stylist who will then assist you in finding your perfect skincare/beauty regime. The night cream that I am recommending as a gift (even if it’s simply to yourself) will only decrease the bank account by $60.

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