How To Beat The Winter Chill

Reports of possible winter winds are breaking through and some areas could even see that heavenly white snowfall upon their doorsteps. With this news beginning to sink in, I realize we may not all be prepared with the proper equipment to handle the weather. One item your mother always tried to get you to wear but you probably didn’t appreciate are the ear muffs. Well, now you may be less inclined to argue over wearing this certain winter essential. As a certain company has made this one less appealing item very alluring, as they have with less intriguing items in the past. Juicy Couture is offering their customers a unique pair of ear muffs this winter season. The new Juicy Couture piece is unique as these ear muffs double as headphones for your iPhone, iPod, cell phone, or music player. Wow, is this not one of those moments where you just want to kick yourself for not thinking of it first? I am quite surprised that we didn’t see this first on an infomercial and then a larger company like Juicy Couture picks it up. Plus, these ear muffs are adorned in faux fur, perfect for the environmentally conscious fashionista. And now we can be fashionable, warm, and listen to music all while on the go – thanks Juicy.

OK, so our ears are toasty, but what about our feet. If you’re really going to beat the winter chill this season, a pair of good boots is essential. So I know it’s so comfy to tuck your Juicy sweats into a pair of Ugg boots, but are these boots really going to protect you from wet, cold snow? As almost every girl, everywhere has worn a pair of Uggs, whether it was 5 years ago or 5 days ago, I’m pretty sure we could all admit that Uggs aren’t the best choice when it comes to roaming around in the snow. Well another boot company has emerged called Sorel. This brand has some really great and fashionable boots perfect for snow, ice, and whatever else these next few months will bring. Available in a variety of styles as well as height (ankle, mid-calf, etc.), Sorel boots will run you around the same as a pair of Ugg boots, except your feet won’t be getting wet in these boots. You can find these items at most high-end department stores like Bloomingdales or online.

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