Next For Kendall & Kylie

Kendall and Kylie may have the Jenner last name, but ask any Hollywood insider, these girls are the last of the Kardashians. The two have already followed in their sisters footsteps, obviously they have a hit TV show on the E! channel (with the rest of the Kardashian krew), the pair has kicked off their modeling career with some major spots in New York fashion week, they have received the honor of being named Hollywood’s most stylish sisters, and now like their older sisters, Kendall and Kylie will have their own jewelry collection. So will their jewelry collection show up in Dash (Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s boutique)? Or what about with the Kardashian Kollection at Sear’s?

Well, no word yet on where the fun jewelry products will be available for purchase. However, Glamhouse Production is the company that has signed the deal with them, and quite frankly couldn’t be more ecstatic. “With their popular show on E! Entertainment Television, millions of teenagers look to Kendall and Kylie for style advice, so they were truly a perfect fit for the company and I’m thrilled to partner with them.” President of Glamhouse Productions, Pascal Mouawad said while swooning over the news.

And for the girls, well they are pretty excited as well, as any teenage girl would be about her (and her sister’s) own line of jewelry. Kylie and Kendall released a statement saying, “We love accessories, and it’s amazing that we’re going to have our own line to be able to wear every day—and for our friends to wear, too!”

The jewelry will be advertised to girls right around the same age of the youngest Jenner-Kardashian’s just in time for next year’s holiday season. Females, ages 12-19 is the target market and with the girls being so stylish (they won Hollywood’s most stylish sisters, beating out Kourtney and Kim!) that teen age group will be sure to jump on the opportunity to wear pieces designed by Kendall, Kylie, and the Glamhouse team.


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