Seventeen Responds to Online Petition with Photoshop Pledge

In response to a petition started by one of its readers the August issue of Seventeen will contain an eight-point Body Peace Treaty authored by Seventeen’s editor-in-chief Ann Shoket that vows to never use Photoshop to “change a girl’s body or face shapes” and “always feature geal girls and models who are healthy”. The Treaty […]

Don’t Fall Victim to Online Sites Selling Knock-Off Prom Dresses

It’s April, spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer and all across the country young women are searching for the perfect prom dress for 2012. However in recent years a sinister trend has been developing in the online prom dress market that has left thousands of girls with poorly […]

Gingrich’s Child Labor Comments Concern Fashion Industry Leaders

In the seemingly never-ending dog and pony show that primary elections have become, some candidates would be willing to say almost anything to grab the attention of a fickle 24-hour news cycle. So perhaps it was for that reason that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently went on record as saying that US […]

Pepper Spray is Becoming a Bizarre Fashion Trend

The commonly accepted rule in the fashion world is that it takes three appearances for something to be considered a trend, and so by that definition we are jumping the gun a bit, but here at Promgirl News we can’t help but point out two entirely different stories out of the fashion and retail world […]

It’s Official: the ASA Have Finally Lost Their Minds

Here at Promgirl News we have ended up closely following the exploits of Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in part because we believe censorship in fashion requires ongoing debate to ensure its proper use, but mainly out the morbid curiosity that comes from watching too much authority slowly turn an intelligent group of people into […]

Marc Jacobs Offers Reward for Stolen Collection

As we reported last week a number of pieces from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 collection were stolen Wednesday morning and thus far the thieves remain at large. Contrary to the original story that came out of Paris, the items were not stolen off a train but rather out of the back of a delivery […]

Grand Theft Fashion

Anyone who has ever attended a runway show knows that the fashion world is home to as many spies as cold war era Berlin, and everyone who has been to a sample sale can tell you just how ruthless haute couture can make some people, but news out of Paris last night took the term […]

Rocawear Pulls ‘Occupy All Streets’ T-Shirt From Website

By now if you’ve so much as glanced at a news story in the last two months you are aware of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests. The loosely organized, seemingly leaderless group has been protesting corporate corruption, what they view as undue corporate influence in government and growing social inequality in America by rallying outside […]

Furriers Fight Back

A few weeks ago Promgirl News along with many other fashion news outlets took some exception to a symbolic West Hollywood ban on fur due to its rather broad definitions and the negative repercussions it would inevitably have on the local retail operations. Now Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that the Fur Industry Council of […]

Those Manolo Blahniks are Made of What?!?

As every good fashionista knows style rarely comes cheap and a pair of Manolo Blahniks never do, but paying $70,000 dollars per pair seems a bit much especially when they’re knock offs! Yet that is exactly what a group of smugglers in Spain had been doing for the last two years, but these shoes weren’t […]