Dior Homme Brings Youth to Formal Menswear

Very few girls would ever dream of wearing their mother’s prom dress to their prom, simply because the odds that mom’s dress are still in style would be pretty slim. Yet when their date arrives to pick them up he is often wearing a suit, that while tailored recently, has almost everything in common with the one his dad wore before he was born. Sure the double breast and vest are out, the pants probably aren’t pleated or cuffed anymore but the last drastic change in the western style suit came in the seventies with the leisure suit and fortunately left shortly thereafter. While men may not be as demanding when it comes to change the ladies on their arms haven’t been shy at all, with each year seeing an increase in trends such as girl’s matching their date’s tie or cumber bun to their dress. At some point a designer was bound to step in and help the ladies find a better way to distinguish between their guys, and so enter Dior Homme.

The collection which was first released in 2001 just completed their Spring 2012 Ready To Wear runway show highlighting the ongoing inspirational work of Belgian designer Kris Van Assche who continues to celebrate what he calls “the art of tailoring.” Tapered linen trousers lined in lambskin, billowing trenches, narrow lapels, tunic style jackets clasped at the neck and even a breath of fresh air for the old double breast all spoke to a changing of the guard for formal menswear. While it will be a while before some of these styles gain the following to become mainstream it is obvious that their dates aren’t the only one trying to update the formal wear that many young men find themselves wearing. Good news for the ladies, the designers are listening and your dates will soon be joining you in 21st century style.

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