Guilty Galliano

The verdict is in…John Galliano has been found guilty. Galliano was convicted of his racists and Anti-Semitic rants. The trial took place in Paris this past June and the judge concluded the case today with a guilty verdict. John Galliano was originally charged on ‘public insults based on the origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity,’ which is a violation under Paris law. It is very clear that John Galliano did commit this crime because as a result, John Galliano was fired from his job as Creative Director at Christian Dior and people all over the world, even outside of the fashion community, knew of this event.

Now that Galliano has been found guilty of his crimes, crimes which have cost him more than he could have possibly imagined, the hardship seems to be behind him. The court ruling has left Galliano without jail time, where his possible penalty was for a maximum of six months in jail and a 22,500 euro fine. Galliano is however inclined to pay somewhere between 7,500 euro and 10,000 euro fine (as the judge just came to a verdict mere hours ago, some discrepancies have come up in the reports on exact numbers/amounts) if he commits these crude acts again (over the next five years). It has also been reported that Galliano owes the plaintiffs he verbally abused in February a symbolic euro. Even though the punishment to his guilty verdict seems light, he may have suffered enough between losing his job and having to realize his addictions and personal issues.

Following the trial in June John Galliano has since taken place in rehabilitation in a center in Arizona (in the United States of America). He chose to do so because, as it was unleashed in the trial, Galliano claims his outburst was due to his addictions. It is firmly enforced that Galliano also has no recollection of the events he was tried for as a result of the drugs and drinking. Subsequent to the guilty verdict, John Galliano’s lawyer stated, “There will not be any fine to be paid and it is a fair and wise decision by the tribunal. Mr. Galliano wants to apologize and he continues his treatment to be cured.”

The Judge for Mr. Galliano’s case had also stated that “Galliano had ‘a sufficient knowledge of his actions despite his addiction and his fragile state. The court also credited Galliano for apologizing to the plaintiffs during the trial, as well as taking into account the designer’s ‘values of tolerance’ in his work.”

So it seems John Galliano is in the process of rehabilitating himself. The question I pose now is this; if this man can get another job will you still buy his clothes? Do you think celebrities who dropped him will work with him again?

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