Mariah’s Remix Smells Good

Mariah Carey is among the many celebrities breaking into the beauty market. However, for Mariah, this isn’t her first run let alone her second run in the cosmetics market. Mariah has quite a few perfume collections on the shelves and with the success of her more recent perfume, Lollipop Bling, Mariah has done something very familiar to her original line of work –music – and created a remix. Yes, Mariah created follow-up perfumes, if you will, to her original Lollipop Bling perfume, making them remix perfumes. (Kudos on the creativity Mariah and team!)

The first of the Lollipop perfumes, Lollipop Bling, is inspired by Mariah’s engagement. On Mariah’s interactive perfume website she tells us the engagement story, and in short said, “Nick surprised me with a hefty diamond ring inside the wrapper of a lollipop ring [a ring pop].” From this beautifully romantic inspiration, Mariah got the idea for a song, Candy Bling, on her newest album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Mariah continues by telling us that once Elizabeth Arden –the cosmetic empire’s owner – listened to her song, Mariah says, “That’s when Lollipop Bling was born!” So, in case you didn’t know, Mariah’s new success is due to an awesome children’s treat, ring pops…and Nick Cannon.

The original Lollipop Bling consists of three scents: Honey, Mine Again and Ribbon. Honey is what Mariah refers to as “sun-drenched sensuality” with its major scents being honey and pineapple. Mine Again is what Mariah calls “dangerously delicious” and mainly consists of chocolate raspberry and magnolia. The third and final scent of the original Lollipop Bling is Ribbon. This one may be Mariah’s favorite as it is mainly inspired by the blue raspberry ring pop and smells fruity and floral.

And finally, the Remixes! This time, possibly inspired by the music theme, Mariah named each of the three remixed perfumes after three of her songs. We have Vision of Love, Never Forget You, and Inseparable.  Vision of Love is our fuchsia bottled friend smelling of French macaroon and purple jasmine. Never Forget You is outstanding in orange with peony and jelly bean aromas. Inseparable is pretty in pink and recalls fruit and flowers with some pear and some orange flower. Each bottle will sell for $35.00 online and where ever Elizabeth Arden products are sold.

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