Pastries to Perfume, Perfume to Pastries

Calling all fashionistas! Calling all foodies! Your two worlds have finally collided! Spanish pastry chef Jordi Roca is known for creating pastries that are inspired by your favorite designer perfumes. However, he has taken his ingenious idea to the next level, not only can you eat your favorite perfume, but now you can wear your favorite pastry. Jordi Roca’s most famous pastry has been turned into a perfume! Jordi Roca is the pastry chef at El Celler de Can Roca where one can purchase these delectable treats that carry the aroma of scents like Lancôme’s Miracle and Terre by Hermes. Wondering how this works…here is an example. Chef Roca has created a pastry based off of Calvin Klein’s Eternity. The pastry version is made of vanilla cream, basil (pretty normal pastry ingredients), and mandarin orange granita – a semi-frozen dessert – with orange flower gelée – a flavor, in this case orange flower, blended with gelatin. Chef Roca is very inventive with his creations; however he commented on that the fact that with all of these feats accomplished, there is one that he has been unable to pull off. It is none other than the classic fashionista perfume, Chanel No.5. Jordi said, “We’ve never been able to get Chanel No. 5 to taste good. Too many aldehydes.” What a shame!

Don’t think the pastry chef is getting down on himself over that. Chef Jordi Roca’s newest accomplishment is allowing him get over that loss. El Celler de Can Roca now carries their very own perfume line, thanks to Chef Jordi Roca. The popular pastry, Núvol de Llimona, or Lemon Cloud is the one Chef Roca got his inspiration from for the Pastry shops perfume. It is available for purchase in his shop in Spain and will be available online shortly.  The major scents of Chef Roca’s perfume are number one, lemon, as well as cream and brown sugar. The perfume costs about 50 Euros or $70 USD.

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