Fashion Dolls Are Here

It seems as if fashion designers have become big enough icons in the world that they now have their own dolls – well, a select few have likenesses of themselves out for circulation to the adoring public. The freshest doll face to be spotted is the all-loving Marc Jacobs. He has been the talk of the town since Dior has been practically begging him to come over to their team and it seems everyone really likes Marc. I say this because Marc’s doll likeness was featured on the most recent episode of South Park. If you are unfamiliar with the Comedy Central cartoon, it is created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and can be rather controversial as the two comedians enjoy pushing the line of cruelty and comedy. However, crude humor aside, the two crude cartoon creators must have a soft spot for fashion because Marc Jacobs was not made fun of. The doll version of Marc Jacobs appeared shirtless and tattooed (still in likeness of himself) and was referred to by one of the main characters, Cartman, as Muscle Man Marc. Quite humorous and somewhat flattering, Muscle Man Marc was written into the plot line to assist Cartman in finding his lost toy Clyde Frog which happens to actually be tattooed on the real Marc (and Muscle Man Marc).

Another fashion icon to be turned into a doll is the leather adorned, black and white wardrobe wearing Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, the legend is collaborating with Sephora and making some familiar looking products. The collaboration with the fashion icon and the cosmetics giant is for a makeup collection including eye shadows, nail polish, and cosmetic bags. The humorous part is that Sephora is also selling a few more items for Karl Lagerfeld, items that bare a close resemblance. There is a Karl Lagerfeld doll, a bear, a “Lagermouse,” and probably the most noted item for purchase, a snow globe featuring a black, silhouette, profile of the legend himself – and instead of fake snow, Karl is being snowed on by gold flakes.

Start making those holiday gift lists; I’m sure you won’t be able to resist a few of the picks from Sephora and I’ve already put Muscle Man Marc on my list. However, there has been no word yet on actual production of the doll so closely resembling Marc Jacobs. For now we will have to be satisfied with comedy central re-runs.

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