Grand Theft Fashion

Anyone who has ever attended a runway show knows that the fashion world is home to as many spies as cold war era Berlin, and everyone who has been to a sample sale can tell you just how ruthless haute couture can make some people, but news out of Paris last night took the term fashion crime to a new level. Marc Jacobs, creative director for Louis Vuitton had multiple pieces of his spring 2012 collection for his Marc Jacobs label stolen off of a London bound train that departed Paris. Originally The Telegraph had reported that the entire collection, encompassing 46 looks (keep in mind that is looks not individual pieces) had been taken. However Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) is now reporting that only certain pieces and some matching accessories were lifted by the as of now unidentified thieves.

The samples taken were the same that were shown earlier this fall on the runways during New York fashion week and feature looks from the Marc Jacobs spring 2012 collection which has not even gone into production yet! That could make for a very sticky situation for the label, as it might not be able to provide fashion magazines with the samples they need to write up editorials on the collection. However sources close to Jacobs say that the designer often keeps duplicates of his pieces, so hopefully there is a back-up for each of the swiped articles.

With how much security is usually associated with new lines it would be a safe bet to assume that someone within the label itself or one of its affiliate companies must have tipped the thieves off as to where they could find the collection. Police are currently investigating what is fast becoming the fashion world’s very own great train robbery, but as of the writing of this article have not divulged any leads they might have. Plenty of jokes about keeping an eye out for very fashionable hobos or street thieves in haute couture are already making the rounds, but the truth is that anyone interested enough to steal these pieces would have to be smart enough to know that they could never wear them. So while the clothes themselves were the only articles taken, it is fair to say the thieves were more than likely after some of Marc Jacobs’ newest fashion secrets.

While we are not ruling out the articles being found by intrepid police work the fact is the damage is probably already done. Whoever made off with the clothes could have easily examined and photographed them inside and out by now, which would provide them with more than enough information to duplicate or knock-off the looks. You can bet that Marc Jacobs and Co will have a keen eye out for any “new” collections that bear an uncanny resemblance to the missing articles, and it is also pretty safe to assume that  a number of other designs are tightening up security around their lines at this very moment.

Promgirl News will bring you updates as this story develops.

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