Zigzags All Around

Walking into a Target recently, you will notice the remaining soliders – a.k.a. merchandise – from the Missoni for Target collaboration. Its been quite a few weeks, however a hand-full of Target stores still have a ballet flat, a trench coat, and a plate leftover from the biggest collaboratiion Target or Missoni has ever seen. […]

Designers Go Green

As the holidays approach us – I know were not even past Halloween yet, but every store I go into thinks Christmas is about two weeks away – there are many things that start to come to mind, especially gifts. In the spirit of gifts and giving, there are a lot of charities and fundraisers […]

Ballet Flats Funding Breast Cancer Research

Reality shows are now becoming the most watched television shows, and the ultimate caddy and always dramatic is…Real Housewives. As some may instantly think of Basketball Wives, Real Housewives (of whichever city) came first, and most definitely has created the most drama over the longest period of time. We have met so many of the […]

Zooey Sues Over Shoes

Zooey Deschanel, you know, the New Girl. Zooey’s show has just begun its first season on Fox network and by the looks of things this new girl will be a good pal, and probably stay on FOX network for a couple of seasons. Zooey Deschanel’s role in the New Girl is as Jess, an off-beat, […]

Doctor’s Orders for Beckham

High heels have always been a huge fashion staple, and a known obsession among fashionistas. It has been reported that one of the world’s biggest fashionistas will have to hold off on that inclination, at least for the time being. Victoria Beckham, known for; being wife to world famous athlete David Beckham, being a fashion […]

So They Look Good, & They Are Good-Hearted Too

For almost two decades now fashion has been lending a hand in the fight against breast cancer, and this year’s Fall Fashion Week will be no different. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has been promoting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer since 1994 when fellow American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, initiated the cause in […]

Target Gets an Italian Twist

For quite some years now, Target has been doing small collaborations with designers. Finally, Missoni has become one of those designers. Well-known for their colors and zigzag stripped pattern, Missoni hopes to open their world up to some new shoppers with this collaboration.

Angela Missoni has commented, “We really wanted to reach a large audience. […]