Emma Watson: The Rise of a Fashion Icon

This July’s issue of Vogue will feature a cover and photo spread of British actress Emma Watson so if you still have trouble picturing her as anything but the mousey Hermoine of Harry Potter fame then maybe you should pick up and issue and introduce yourself to one of fashions newest and brightest stars. The spread, shot by renown photographer Mario Testino and featuring the demure British diva with slicked back hair and bold red lips, is certainly not Watson’s first foray into the fashion world. Even as far back as her early teen years when Potter’s explosive box office success sent her down more red carpets then some stars see in a lifetime, Watson was noticed for her unique and potent fashion sense. As early as 2009 some members of England’s fashion elite were already drawing comparisons between the blossoming young star and 60’s British fashion icon Twiggy Lawson.

Much like Twiggy, Emma has captured the attention of the British Isles with her flair and style as well as her subdued and some would even say haunting beauty, the short cropped hair she has favored for the last couple years and her slender frame also help explain why the connection is formed so easily. For her part Emma certainly hasn’t tried to hide from the acclaim , one look at her website ( gives you the idea that this young lady knows how closely her style is being watched and has no problems sharing it with an eager audience.

While it may be too soon to tell if this fascination will last or if it is just a fashion flash in the pan one thing is certain, between modeling gigs and the huge demand for her presence on the movie screen Watson herself is certainly not going to be fading from the public eye anytime soon.

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