Femme Fatale Costumes Come Out Flat

It can’t be easy to be Britney Spears these days. The former Pop diva’s fall from grace was both painfully public and exceptionally epic. However, love her or hate her one thing that has always kept Brit relevant in the world of fashion is her fearless (and too often ill advised) sense of style. Whether it be a new skinhead doo or a boa-constrictor boa, Brit has always managed to keep the attention of those who love her and those who love to have a problem with her.

Which is perhaps what makes these newest images so disappointing. E! has released artist’s concept sketches and even a scant few photographs of the costumes for Britney Spears’ 2011 Femme Fatale tour and the images are anything but interesting. Love or hate Mrs. Spears music or her all too public personal life it would be hard to summon up any such moving emotions when it comes to her new wardrobe.

A half dozen high resolution photographs and half as many concept sketches paint a style picture that could only be described as ‘vanilla’ on a good day. While the costumes are appropriately ‘inappropriate’ and revealing they are anything but inspired. It’s nice for Britney that she has reclaimed her figure after children and a major celebrity derailment, but it is rather disappointing to see that each song’s design concept somehow ended with her in some variation of a bra, daisy dukes and fish-nets.

While there is no doubt that the intrigue of the life and times of Britney Spears will be sure to continue for years of reality TV to come, her days of turning heads with her outlandish and outrageous costumes seems to have come to and end.

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